importance of books

Things that books can give us

Books are not just a compilation of many pages bound together and protected by a cover but a collection of many words which form a new world inside the book. The full form of the word book is “Bio Optical Organized Knowledge” which means that it provides us with knowledge through our optical work(reading) on it. Reading books is one of the best hobbies that everyone should follow and that has the power to make us feel so active and deep exploration of the world inside the book can lead us to a transcendental state.

           People irrespective of gender, race, age, country, career, etc can be very much 9 benefits of books  through the books of their choice. Nothing in this world goes wasted likewise reading books can never be a waste of time as and surely all the readers will gain something out of reading. April 23rd is “World book day” and it is celebrated all over the world by all bookworms, educational institutions, bookstores, and the awareness of reading them is spread to everyone. If the whole world celebrates this one product called book then when we should understand how much value it has.

Importance of books in students life

Make the student intelligent, improve their knowledge and intellect. Develops analytical skills, leadership quality. Books improve memory, vocabulary and help to get more focus on the next step of life. Learn different languages and relieve the stress of students. Good books play a great way of molding the character and personality of the students.

How can books help us


              If a habit of reading is created it becomes very difficult for one to stop it, because we will so much love reading them since it can make us feel natural elements of life. Words have the magic to show all the contents of the book through imagination in front of our eyes which can bring pleasure feeling. These feelings that come out of reading books make us understand the purpose of our life and add know more about ourselves.


             Books improve the standard of our knowledge. Reading books make us understand the different concepts and introduce the numerous shades of culture, societies, civilization, technologies, places, etc across the globe, so the books can make us familiar with things which are very distant to us without even going there and hence books can make us visit the whole world through reading. Right books show the right path to move.


           Loss of memory is one of the major problems as almost 65% of people worldwide face this. This is not a very serious problem but an important thing to be noted and rectified or else it can lead to many emotional issues. Stress, tension, sadness could be a few reasons for memory loss, and reading books will solve all these as we forget other problems and concentrate on the contents of the book and hence reading is a very good de-stressing activity and very well reduces our anxiety.

Students can be benefited since their visual memory gets activated and can remember whatever they read.

importance of books
Books will transform your normal life into a beautiful life

        Books can even be considered fun with words! it sounds interesting, right?. Through reading all those words we come across many new words and so it is one of the best ways to improve vocabulary. Improving the vocabulary, in turn, makes us fluent in that language, so reading directly improves our speaking skills. Additionally, reading improves writing skills by helping the reader understand and learn different writing styles.


        Instead of explaining anything through words or advice, reading about them in books will make us clear on the topics and understand everything better. Especially youth require improving their skills in all areas as they feel new in facing the society independently and they are the future of tomorrow as Dr.A.P.J.Abdul Kalam has said. Regular reading of books improves the self-confidence among students and upgrades their talents.  


          Scientifically it is proved that reading can decrease stress, lower hearts rate, and reduce blood pressure because of happy hormones that get secreted when we get pleasure feeling while reading. Hence, it relaxes our mind very much and makes us feel so active. 


             Books give us good feelings and teach us good habits, ethics, how to take things in our life, and especially brings us empathic feelings. Empathy is defined as the ability to understand and share the feelings of others. 


             The habit of books reading gives enjoyment,stress-free as discussed above. Due to these benefits books makes us feel relaxed and give us good quality sleep. This is why reading bedtime stories is encouraged among small children and so doing it right before sleep helps calm our mind. 

Whoo!! books can help us in these many ways!! and many more. It sounds amazing right?. Don’t have a reading habit still? then, what’s more, you are waiting for? check on Monkmart right now and buy books of your favorite genre and get benefited most out of the books and start developing your reading habit.


  Hence books can help us in many more ways and it is the best way to enjoy this life. The reason for getting amazing benefits on reading are some amazing people who talk to every reader through the books, and so they are none other than the authors who are to be highly praised for their ineffable works.

Have you benefitted much more out of reading and had an amazing experience of reading?, then do comment your answers belong and post your answers on social media and tag us at Monkmartglobal.

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