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Youth and the books


“History is always shaped by the power of youth”

–Daisaku ideka , author of “the human revolution”.

The “National Youth Day” is observed on Jan 12 in India, the youngest country in the world. It is observed as a mark of respect for Swami Vivekananda, the profound scholar who hailed from our country and left timeless effective fruits of wisdom not just for India, but for the whole world.

“National Youth Day” is something where we take an opportunity to recognize it.

It fills the hearts of the youths across the nation with a sense of nationalism and patriotism, with a feeling of responsibility Monkmart

Reason of youth day

A quick look back at history, Swami Vivekananda was born on January 12, 1863. He is an extensive philanthropist, scholar, saint, etc., His quote shows the faith he had in the youth of the country. He had been an icon for the youth and shown an ideal pathway how the youth should be, through his lifestyle.

He had drawn inspiration from reading books such as Bhagavat Gita, Ramayana, Mahabharata. He explored all the knowledge that was accessible to him.

He took effective measures to spread what he learned, which changed the way of thinking of the country’s youth, and the course of development of the country thereon.

How is youth development an investment?

The best thing about time is, “it changes”. The concentration in developing the youth of a country for a period of 20 years, will change the fate of the country forever.

The youth must be educated about the errors to avoid them happening again. They must be educated about their heroes to draw inspiration and must be shown the vicissitudes of the past to realize the value of the victory that is expected.

National flag
Youths are the pillars of a nation

Qualities of youths that are expected

The youth of the country should never give up their feelings on nationalism and patriotism. They should be proud of their heritage and should have an open mind to accept the change that is brought along with the time, without giving up on their traditions.In short, national interest should be the top priority. The inspiration to those is always fueled by the history, historic figures, the accomplishments achieved by the country, and the desire to develop than it was previously. All these qualities can be easily developed with help of some right books. Hence book also indirectly plays a role in increasing the economy of the country and such types of leadership quality increasing books are available in Monkmart.

How exactly does the books help?

There is no other alternative to the books, in order to look back at the pages of history. They record, provide an insight on what happened, and what should be done.

It allows witnessing what’s experienced by the author of any book. It gives us an opportunity to be empathetic, and to explore the perspectives which were unknown to us till then.

Time taught us the one timeless truth “History always repeats itself” – Will Durant.

The only way to break the cycle is to avoid the mistakes that has been done previously, which paves the way to encounter them in the first place.

How do we do that? By learning the history. This is where the books come in and help us around. The Youths can never be effective avoiding this factThe core purpose of knowledge is to “pass it on”. Books play the key role in fulfilling this purpose. Monkmart has many good self development, motivational books.


The fate of the nation’s future is always made prosperous and great by the works of the youths of today. They are designed by the investment that has been made upon them in the past.

The investment that we are talking about is making the youth to be spirited and providing them opportunities to grow by exploring. This decides the value they bring to the country and the whole world.

We believe, books in any form are going to be the best investment for the youth to decide the course of the development of the country.

So, we at Monkmart are taking the small steps in getting the books to the youth of the country for good. We take immense pride in being a part of increasing our national economy by empowering the youth. 

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